Support Groups

Dementia Support Group

The Dementia Support Group has its first meeting on Friday 28th April:

‘Are you a carer of someone with early dementia?’

‘We’ll share experiences, work together to improve lives, provide ways to stimulate minds and care about you!’.

Meetings will be held on:

Friday 28th April

Friday 26th May

Friday 23rd June

Friday 21st July

Friday 18th August

Friday 15th September

Friday 13th October

Friday 10th November

Friday 8th December

If so, please telephone:

01902 851557 for more information






Cancer Support Group

This support group has been started by one of our Patient Participation Group members – Tina Gibbon:

‘We are a new group who are here to support cancer patients through their journey.

Together we can share experiences and help one another. If you would like to join us you will be made very welcome’.

Meetings will be held on:

Monday 22nd May

Monday 26th June

Monday 17th July

Monday 25th September

Please e-mail Tina Gibbon if you are able to attend: or contact 07541328068